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Special Pricing on now! Get Your 0.75 X 1.5 inch image on our Business Directory sites for only $29.95/month!  Get your 0.75 X 6 inch image on our Business Directory Table Of Contents sites for only $39.95/month.  Your images are hyperlinked to your specfic site page!  Call us to sign up today!

Get Your Logo or Product/Service Image out there!

When web surfers click on your image they are taken to your location on your site to help you drive more business.  Advertise to new potential customers on what you have to offer.

Advertise on Business Directories and On Web Sites

Web Surfers can see your 0.75 X 1.5 inch image on multiple Business Directory Home pages and your 0.75 X 6 inch image on mulitple Business Directory Table of Contents.   Click on the following link:   Over 20 Business Directories so see where you can place your 0.75 X 6 inch banner. 

Image Details -  Your choice of Sizes and Location

The 0.75 X 1.5 inch images are placed on our web advertising pages.  The 0.75 X 6 inch images are places on the Table Of Contents pages.  Your image can be in .jpg, .gif or .png format. The size of the file for the 0.75 X 1.5 inch image needs to be less than 20 KB. For best resolution, reformat your image to the size of: width="150px" height= "75px". The size of the file for the 0.75 X 6 inch image needs to be less than 50 KB. For best resolution, reformat your image to the size of: width="600px" height="75px" .  You are required to sent the image in final form as we do not do image manipulation. 

Contact us today to sign up for your image location and start advertising!

Set Up charge is only $99.95 along with our $9.95/month Site Marketing Program which gives you all the benefits when you click on the Site Advertising menu link on left. We can place your image where you want. You can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.

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